Ways To Be More Inclusive

Quick Tips:

1.Try to understand cultural Deafness

When you view Deafness from the medical model perspective, you perpetuate prejudice & certain stereotypes that are harmful to D/deaf &/or HoH people. Do your best to look at Deafness through a social & cultural lens.

2. Recognize that not all D/deaf people are the same

The D/deaf community is very diverse. You should not assume that all D/deaf people are the same. For instance, some D/deaf people may speak while others don't, some may lipread while others can't. It is also important to acknowledge intersectional identities within the D/deaf community as well. Different people face different challenges in society in addition to the challenges they face as a D/deaf person.

3. Try your best to communicate

If you meet a D/deaf person, do not avoid trying to communicate with them just because they are D/deaf. When you do this, you are creating a divide. It is okay to be nervous and even make a mistake, but try to find ways to communicate with them even if you do not know sign language (e.g. writing).

4. Notice & Name

It is important to raise awareness about forms of discrimination and oppression, so if you notice something or hear someone say something audist, name it & address it.

5. Educate yourself

Educating yourself is one of the most important things you can do. Reading this website is one a form of education, but it cannot be the only thing you do. Learn about the Deaf community & how you can be an ally for them.