Navigating a Hearing World

We live in a hearing world, which means that the majority of the spaces & things around us are made for the benefit of people who can hear and speak. This creates many barriers for d/Deaf & HoH people.

Throughout their lives, d/Deaf or hard of hearing (HOH) people may encounter a variety of discrimination & prejudice due to audist views.


Believing that ones ability to hear or speak makes them superior

Any form of discrimination or prejudice to Deaf or hard of hearing people

Audism in the Workplace

Barriers D/deaf & HoH people face

I want to emphasize that the list below is by no means an exhaustive one. D/deaf & HoH people face all kinds of different barriers. This includes in public, private, legal, employment, educational, and healthcare settings. It is also important to keep in mind that these barriers are not caused by being deaf, but because of societal' s views about deafness.

As shown in this video, the barriers some people face are things you may not have even thought about such as asking for help to find something at a store.

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